Tips for taming ticks

July 1, 2017 - Hiking Pants

Throughout a summer and fall, many families can be found hiking and camping along rivers, bluffs and woods. A common regard for these outside enthusiasts is parasite bites. Numerous locations in a United States are home to a series of parasite species, with a best famous being a deer tick.

“Deer ticks can broadcast Lyme disease, a many common tick-borne illness,” says Dr. Jeff Cavaness, a Family Medicine medicine during Mayo Clinic Health System. “Not all deer ticks lift a disease, though it’s critical to take precautions to equivocate removing bitten.”

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When hiking or camping, wear shoes, prolonged pants tucked into your socks, a long-sleeved shirt, a shawl and gloves. Try to hang to trails, and equivocate walking by low underbrush and prolonged grass. Keep your dog on a leash. Also, use insect repellents with a 20 percent or aloft thoroughness of DEET.

After you’ve spent time in a wooded or grassy area, check yourself, your children and your pets for ticks. Deer ticks are mostly no bigger than a conduct of a pin, so we competence not learn them unless we hunt carefully.

It’s useful to showering as shortly as we come indoors. Ticks mostly sojourn on your skin for hours before attaching themselves. Showering and regulating a washcloth competence mislay disconnected ticks.

“The longer a parasite stays trustworthy to your skin, a larger your risk of removing Lyme disease,” says Cavaness. “Lyme infection is doubtful if a parasite is trustworthy for reduction than 36 to 48 hours.”

If we find a parasite has trustworthy itself to your skin, Cavaness recommends that you:

  • Use fine-tipped tweezers to squeeze a parasite resolutely nearby a conduct or mouth, and as tighten to a skin as possible.
  • Pull a tick’s physique divided from your skin.
  • Seal a parasite in a jar, if possible. Your health caring provider competence wish to see a parasite if we turn ill after a parasite bite.


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