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November 30, 2016 - Hiking Pants

Appalachian Odyssey photoYou have to give Jeff Ryan credit for his determination, stamina, and adore of a outdoors. It took Jeff 28 years to travel a Appalachian Trail, and many of his sectional hikes were, well, not many fun. That’s my opinion, only. He desired any hike, and that adore and delight comes by in his book, Appalachian Odyssey, published by Down East Books.

Over a years, Jeff endured terrible weather, injuries, and more, all with an amazingly certain attitude. Here’s how he described one hike.

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“The breeze and a sleet never let up, though conjunction did we. At a 15 miles mark, we surfaced a wooded limit of a ironically named Bald Top Mountain. By a time we set adult a tent, we was a vibrating mess.  We had walked 13 miles given a breakfast in Dalton, many of it in a rain, and were starved… we awoke around 5 a.m. It was still pouring. Damn. Almost all we had with us was soaked. We dismissed adult a stove to make coffee and to knock down a leftover cheesecake for breakfast. At 7:10, we hoisted a packs and started down a towering in a wintry sleet and wind. Water was sloshing in my boots within minutes.”

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!

Appalachian Odyssey by Jeff RyanJeff grew adult in Maine and worked for LL Bean for utterly a few years. At a summer stay when he was 11 years old, a stay advisor led him on a 16-mile travel and he was hooked. He has spent his life hiking, oftentimes on snowshoes. He climbed Maine’s tip 50 plateau in one year, and began hiking a AT in sections in 1985. In 1990, he traversed Maine south to north by bicycle, foot, and canoe, with a friend, in 24 days.

Yes, we competence consider he is obsessed. But infrequently there were dual or some-more years between his sectional hikes on a AT, creation that story quite engaging.

Let’s see. This sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

“There’s a disproportion between relocating and creation time. Today we were boring ass. By 12:30, we had usually lonesome 5 ½ miles – a pitiable 1.5 mile-per-hour pace. We indispensable to get it in gear. We authorised ourselves a 15 notation lunch underneath a brutally prohibited sun, afterwards we were off again.

“All afternoon, my knees and feet were murdering me. It was a initial pointer that a day-hiking boots were holding their toll. Each time we stepped on a base or stone brought new sensations of pain.”

More fun, right?!

The time they hitched a float to a route conduct in a hearse is hilarious, and roughly appropriate. we unequivocally enjoyed Jeff’s wildlife observations, and a story he tells us about all along a trail. For example, in Pennsylvania, he recounts a time when that state’s Game Commission put a $5 annuity on any Goshawk that was killed from this sold towering top. Hundreds of Goshawks were shot any year, until a lady purchased that land and stable a hawks, that Jeff enjoyed saying in that location.

He got off a route to revisit Gettysburg, a place Linda and we enjoyed, and we appreciated his story of that visit. Jeff’s story of Antietam is quite interesting, involving one of his relatives. As he noted, “The 40.67-mile travel by Maryland presents an implausible travel by history. And while a events of a Civil War are by distant a many notable, a AT touches pieces of story from other eras that left durability impacts.” And he tells us about any of those impacts.

Jeff’s winter hikes are generally memorable. Imagine outset in your tent, on a 12 grade morning, and attack a trail. “I was wearing roughly any square of cold continue wardrobe we had – fleece jacket, sleet pants, anorak, even a balaclava and neck gaiter. Even so, a breeze was literally mind numbingly cold. One some shallow tops, we were greeted by ice cream headache inducing blasts.”

Sorry we missed that? Jeff reported, “It was refreshing to contend a least.” Indeed.

Of course, there are good stories of hikes in Maine, though it’s that 28 years of hiking a 2,181 miles of a AT that creates this book singular and inspiring.

I could have never finished it, though it was fun to travel vicariously with Jeff on his extraordinary adventure.


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