Somehow, winter skeleton spin to summer adventures

February 14, 2015 - Hiking Pants

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About this time final year, we was sitting around a list with eyeglasses of wine, a few friends and a map. The map was of a Bighorn Mountains and we were starting to devise a trek adult Cloud Peak.

There is something about this time of year that leads to plans. While this month has been unseasonably warm, generally compared to final year, we all get a small ill of being cooped adult inside by February.

We start daydreaming about white sandy beaches and fruity cocktails.

We start creation skeleton for adventure.

Already in a works are skeleton for a outing to Denver, to sight for a competition and to once again try a outward bliss usually outward a backdoor.

Last year, while we designed to stand Cloud Peak, we didn’t make it. We still managed several hikes and had a heck of a time exploring a Cloud Peak Wilderness. As usual, a journey was some-more about a trek than reaching a peak.

This year, we’re already scheming.

Part of a formulation was innate out of a common wintertime ants in a pants. But, partial of it also came from a review that started Thursday night.

I had usually seen a film “Wild” a night before during Centennial Theatres. It was partial of a film fest and we was psyched to see it. we had review a book, desired it, and looked brazen to a movie. On Thursday, we common my thoughts on a film with a few of my friends.

It didn’t let me down. Sure, both a book and a film concentration on a lady anticipating herself again after pang a detriment of her mother. Being on a trails, generally by yourself, lends itself to reflection. But, a book also talks about being on a route as an amateur.

As most as we adore to travel and camp, we still cruise myself an amateur. we don’t travel adequate to have boots that are damaged in — we wear route using shoes. we have a day container that is well-worn though my backpacking container has usually been used a few times. Yet all dusk Wednesday after examination “Wild,” all day Thursday and again on Friday, we found my mind erratic to untrustworthy evergreen-lined trails, campfires and friends.

I also found myself adding hiking and outward journey books to my selling transport on

It’s ostensible to get cold again this weekend, though I’m prepared for summer temperatures and adventures. We might not finish all of a skeleton we make, though journey is positively in a future.


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