See Nancy Drew’s Style Evolution, From The 1930s To Today

September 18, 2015 - Hiking Pants

by Jocelyn Rish

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One of a things that creates Nancy Drew such a kick-ass teen is that she always sports a stream trends. No matter a decade, she’s always in vogue. So let’s transport behind in time by book covers of a past, to see how her conform choices simulate a styles of a time.

  • Fashion in a ’30s was really many desirous by glamorous Hollywood movies. The looks were long, sleek, and sophisticated. The brief hemlines of a ’20s flapper breakthrough were lowered to mid-calf for a ’30s ladies, though a necklines were also lowered for a some-more adventurous look. Ooh la la! Puffed sleeves were a large thing, as were brimmed hats, mostly ragged during an angle. In this cover for “The Sign of a Twisted Candles” from 1933, Nancy looks like she’s stepped true off a china screen.

  • World War II had a outrageous change on ’40s fashions. Because element was rationed, skirts and dresses became shorter again, finale during a knee. There was also a nationalistic trend, with a many renouned tone being Air Force blue and silhouettes carrying a sharp, roughly troops demeanour to them – a dresses buttoned down a front, hugged a waist, and had block shoulders. Nancy looks prepared to conflict a bad guys in a 1946 cover for “The Mystery of a Tolling Bell.”

  • Once a fight and rationing ended, it was time to applaud wish and excess. Oodles of element was used to make full skirts and dresses that would poof out due to a petticoats underneath. Bold colors and fanciful collars were also trendy. To get divided from sharp, troops lines, a delicate form was emphasized, and sweaters became a renouned object to uncover off a woman’s curves. In a decade where some of a many famous conform equipment were next a waist – poodle skirts, constable socks, and saddle boots – it turns out many of a Nancy Drew covers usually uncover her tip half. In a 1951 cover for “The Clue of a Black Keys,” Nancy is rockin’ a splendid sweater and collar, and we only know when she stands adult her dress poofs out perfectly.

  • The regressive looks of a ’50s exploded into a unusual disharmony of a ’60s. Social movements were changing normal outlooks, and a conform choices mirrored that. Bright, swirling colors were everywhere. The mini-skirt stormed onto a stage mostly interconnected with tall, brightly colored boots. Although we again can’t see what form of dress she’s sporting, Nancy really looks groovy on a 1967 cover of “The Clue in a Crossword Cipher.”

  • In a ’70s, conform became some-more infrequent and comfortable. Although some women had already been wearing pants, now women from all walks of life wore them. This sparked a trend in several kinds of suits: convenience suits, breathe suits, burst suits and even lane suits. In a 1978 cover of “Mystery of Crocodile Island,” Nancy looks distant out as she absolutely tromps around a swamp.

  • Fashion of a ’80s seemed to be about formulating photos that would confuse people after in life. Big hair. Leather. Neon colors interconnected in ways that harm a eyes. Large, corpulent accessories. And jeans of each season from acid-washed to ripped to high-waisted mom jeans. Nancy looks totally bitchin’ in this 1986 cover of “Secrets Can Kill.”

  • Grunge is substantially a initial thing that leaps to mind when people consider about conform of a ’90s. The intensely infrequent demeanour was desirous by grunge and alt stone bands and was really droopy, with relaxed jeans, over-sized weave sweaters, Doc Martens, hiking boots, denim, and plaid flannel shirts as distant as a eye could see. While this 1996 cover for “Skipping a Beat” is a bit dark, Nancy and her friends still demeanour dope.

  • Have we had adequate stretch to brand a defining trends of a final fifteen years? Probably not. Plus, they have been a hotchpotch of styles from around a creation and a reconstruction of styles from past decades. So for a cover representing a Nancy of a new millennium, here she is looking fanciful in a 2011 “California Schemin’.”


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