Lucky mag tumble tips: Santa Fe look, hiking boots

August 14, 2014 - Hiking Pants

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NEW YORK (AP) — It might feel like summer outside, though many stores are display styles for cooler weather. Here are some tips and trends to assistance your habit demeanour “clean and uninformed for fall,” according to Lucky magazine’s character editor, Laurel Pantin.


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“One of my personal favorite trends is what we’re job ‘Santa Fe’ around a office,” Pantin pronounced in a write interview. “It’s a small bit Southwestern-inspired, with a Native American influence, sweeping coats, Pendleton prints.”

Look for “blanket skirts with border using down a front, and anything natural, handcrafty, folksy.” The Lucky editor, herself a Texas native, says “a lot of these things, we can find vintage. we bought a lot of good pieces on eBay.”

FILE - This Feb. 9, 2014 record print shows conform from a Victoria Beckham Fall 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week. Lucky repository character editor

The trend is branch adult in scarves, too, with “knit border on a ends, folksy and handcraftsy printed sweeping scarves.”


Pantin’s foresee for outerwear trends: downy coats; shearling; a bit of a “’70s ski lodge” look, including Fair Isle sweaters; big, oversized cardigans and prolonged “sweater dusters” that are “relaxed and lax and lux and cozy.” And here’s a turn on a beloved jacket: Make an oversized vest by slicing a sleeves off an oversized, mid-thigh blazer.


“Baby blue has been everywhere for outerwear,” pronounced Pantin. “It’s good to see lighter colors. Baby blue churned with black and gray is pretty, purify and bright.” Also on a tumble palette: “emerald green, that is beautiful and some-more of a normal tumble color.”

In addition, Pantin said, “black and white never unequivocally goes out of style. I’m also vehement about plaids, though in a lighter tone palette — some-more white-based plaids, with a softer winter white. And leopard is carrying a small bit of a moment.”


“It’s going to be about true trouser pants,” a Lucky character editor predicted. “Super-skinny is not wholly on a approach out, though it’s not a many stream look. It’s some-more about high waist, true leg or far-reaching leg, and culottes and gaucho pants. If we were going to get a far-reaching leg, a span of nap trousers would be a good buy.”

FILE - This Feb. 6, 2014 record print shows conform from a Richard Chai Love Fall 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week. Lucky repository character editor


“Clothing shapes are not utterly so tight, though a small bit some-more relaxed,” Pantin said. “Mid-calf is still a approach to go for dress length — 3 or 4 inches above a ankle. Also: pencil weave skirts and elastic fabrics.”


Look for ankle booties and fight foot styles with a “punky vibe,” including a brief heel and fun colors, Pantin says. The ideal example: a lead span from Saint Laurent.

Just as summer sandal trends enclosed thick slides, genuine Tevas and what some fashion-watchers called a “ugly shoe” look, Pantin predicts winter boots will embody a “frumpy boot” and genuine hiking boots.

FILE - This Feb. 9, 2014 record print shows an outfit from a Fall 2014 Diane von Furstenberg collection during Fashion Week in New York. Lucky magazine

Hiking boots are going to be a thing,” Pantin predicts. “A plain leather span of hiking boots is something I’m privately on a hunt for — plain leather, with a ’70s shape, dull on a front. we like when a trend is something we can buy a authentic chronicle of — when it’s snowy and nasty and they’re built for that.”

As for shoes, flats sojourn “a large thing,” though not a over-the-top flats with straps and zippers from past seasons. This time, it’s “simple ballet flats, dialed down a small bit.” Heels, she predicts, will be “simple, classical boots rather than a violent matter shoe,” such as “pumps and things that don’t have a height and aren’t so crazy-high.”

FILE - This Feb. 10, 2014 record print shows conform from a Kenneth Cole Fall 2014 collection is modeled during New York Fashion Week. Lucky repository style

Aside from a ever-popular Converse, sneakers are going a small frumpy, too: consider Stan Smith boots from Adidas and “New Balance father shoes.”


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This picture supposing by Adidas Originals shows a Stan Smith sneaker. Lucky repository character editor Laurel Pantin says sneakers for a fashion-forward set are


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