‘How my honeymoon saved my marriage’

April 20, 2016 - Hiking Pants

You’ve walked down a aisle towards him and exchanged rings. But what if that’s not enough? One author tells her story…

Last June, after 8 years together, my beloved Ben and we tied a knot. I’d like to contend it was all rose petals, feathery kittens and outside sex on cloud 9 after that though it wasn’t. The rings were on, though problems in a attribute we’d been ignoring in foster of matrimony formulation hadn’t left overnight. We were contention any day, regulating a phones too much, not carrying adequate sex and unequivocally not pity adequate in any other’s passions. Our attribute indispensable resuscitating.

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London was a problem. So too were a perfectionist careers and a fast-paced lifestyle we’d turn accustomed to. Work, dinner, bed etc. There had to be some-more to life than that. So, we packaged in a jobs, threw out half a things in a prosaic and left England for 6 months to transport around Latin America.

Before attack Latin America, we took a highway to Orlando. Not a many regretful place, though we had some ticking off to do. Neither of us had been to Disney before, or Universal, or a abounding H2O slip parks either. It was a week of regressing twenty years and being snapped with a mouths far-reaching open A LOT. I’m certain Ben suspicion he’d be going on a unequivocally hairy rides alone, though this was a month of firsts and we pushed myself to go on everything. He was passed proud. His words.

We afterwards took a highway outing along a southern states, staying in a integrate of gobsmacking honeymoon suites along a way. Sleeping in a opposite bed to a one during home was a welcomed change and unequivocally done us some-more sexual towards any other. Our time during a overwhelming Wentworth Mansion in South Carolina won’t go lost after Ben sleepwalked, naked, around a drift in a center of a night. The southern goddess chambermaids did grin a subsequent morning. There and a code new South Congress Hotel in Austin supposing us with dual of a jolliest burble baths we’ve ever had together.

Spending insinuate time like this together, in a automobile for hours, talking, listening to a favourite podcasts unequivocally helped us switch off and reconnect.

Ben and we met during 23 when zero mattered though Glastonbury tickets. But when we spend 8 years with someone, you’re both going to change – for softened and worse. We indispensable to find out who we were during 31.

By a time we got to Mexico City, we’d been vital out of backpacks for a month and it unequivocally helped move that into focus. Turned out, we was a roll-up-every-item, get-excited-in-foreign-supermarkets kind of traveler and Ben was a stuff-it-all-in and carry-all-the-chargers-on-his-person-at-all-times type.

We were a elementary unit, with 8 t shirts, dual electric toothbrushes and 18 pairs of pants between us. Our phones didn’t work, so we talked loads. The usually thing we bickered about were a lyrics of songs. In fact, a categorical engrossment was a bag re-packing skills – reduction than 7 mins on a good day. We felt flattering rejuvenated from vital a elementary life. The books were right, decluttering does make we happier.

In your thirties we can means to dash out a bit on accommodation to alleviate a blow of nearing somewhere a million miles from home. Our saviour in Mexico City was La Valise, a oppulance hotel in a Zona Rosa district. It was plush and done us feel like smart Mexican locals. We spent an hour giddily switching gadgets on and off before streamer out hand-in-hand for some travel food.

After a revisit to a foodie capital, Oaxaca, we headed to a seashore in Tulum – on a Yucutan peninsular. Lots of celebs go here since a beach is one of a best in a universe and it attracts adequate tourists to live Wales – BUT we can equivocate all that by staying on a distant finish during beach stylish hotel La Zebra, home of a best guacamole in Latin America.

By a time we left Mexico, we were tanned, finishing any other’s sentences again, creation adult ditties (something we used to do all a time) and laughing, approbation LAUGHING a lot.

In a third month we addressed a subject of sex that had been a flourishing emanate during home. Like so many prolonged tenure couples, we were both possibly too tired, too stressed or too rapt on a phones to get a smallest spirit of a error for any other. I’m not observant we never did it – we usually didn’t do it as many as we used to.

But when we got to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala we indeed started articulate about it. Stuff we’d like any other to do, things we weren’t so penetrating on, and how we could make certain we do it some-more regularly. We spent a few nights during Laguna Lodge, a overwhelming Eco hotel built on a lake by a accessible kiwi integrate whose adore event with Guatemala lives in any brick. It was so still we could hear a pin drop. we dauntless any integrate perplexing to revitalise their sex life not to be successful in a hotel room unaware a volcano.

Before we left England, we betrothed Ben we would grow some balls. In Nicaragua we astounded both of us by volcano boarding, afterwards bungee jumping off a high precipice underneath a instruction of a male named Paolo. This was positively one of a best moments of my life, though sadly Ben missed it since he was articulate to some Spanish women about acceleration in Costa Rica.

To apologise, he treated me to one night in Granada during code new, super regretful boutique hotel, Hotel Boo Boo. we don’t like to see my father abase though over cooking he pronounced – “I conclude how dauntless you’re being and we wish you’re enjoying this new side of we as many as we am,” that was good to hear.

I theory this spurred me to keep on going. By a time we got to Patagonia we was removing adult during 5am to do 20 mile hikes opposite glaciers and adult mountains. And we know what? we was enjoying this new side of me too. We stayed during dual enchanting hotels that were an comprehensive dream to lapse to after tough days on a feet. Aguas Ariba – a comprehensive ideal for hiking honeymooners and Scandi-inspired Pampa Lodge where we get a giveaway pisco green any afternoon. Lush.

By a time we arrived in Peru for a final month, all that seemed misaligned in a attribute behind in Nov felt considerably improved. “We haven’t argued in months,” we said, holding Ben’s palm on an overnight train to Lima. “I was meditative that” he said.

To applaud a year anniversary (a integrate months early) we substituted seafood for malaria tablets and requisitioned ourselves on a final notation 3 day journey down a Amazon with Aqua Expeditions. If, like me, a suspicion of staying in a butterfly filthy tent sounds like hell, or, if, like Ben, you’re allergic to many animals, afterwards a few days on this oppulance vessel is a answer. It’s expensive, though we get to see all a Amazon is about but a fuss. The bedrooms have building to roof windows too so we arise adult to a sights and sounds of monkeys and birds. It was comprehensive heaven.

Traveling is a lot like marriage. It can be hard; new places aren’t always nice, illness gets one of you, afterwards a other, and we have to demeanour after any other. You chose to do this together and communicating is a usually approach to make it work. Now we’re back, I’m going to do my darnedest to make certain we don’t tumble into a rut of bad habits again.

But a second we feel like we are, I’m engagement us both on a moody out of here.


Supertramp Hostel in Cusco (comfy, hipster stylish and good for couples)

House of Jasmines in Argentina (in a booze region, ideal honeymoon spot)

Grace Cafayate in Argentina (in a booze region, smashing spa)

Surfing Turtle Lodge in Nicaragua (super inexpensive hostel on a beach, good place to applaud New Year’s Eve, tantalizing restaurant)

Mamallena Hostel in Cartagena, Colombia. (Spacious rooms, good celebration atmosphere and inexpensive as chips)

The BETSY in Miami (Art deco family run hotel on South Beach with a marvellous restaurant)

Casa Morada in Islamorada, Florida (A isolated tiny hotel with yoga, a swimming pool and extraordinary restaurants circuitously portion

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