Health Matters: Avoiding a tip hiking injuries

July 7, 2017 - Hiking Pants

We are propitious to live in New England, since we don’t have to go really distant to find a good place to hike. Even right on a sanatorium campus, we can suffer good trails, partial of a Bennington Area Trail System ( For a untroubled hiking experience, travel with friends or on trails we know good and with illumination to spare. Also take precautions to forestall a many common hiking-related injuries. See a injuries subsequent and a elementary tips for preventing them on a route and treating them when we lapse home.


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One of a many common hiking injuries are blisters, that are many ordinarily caused by attrition between your feet and your footwear. To equivocate blisters, make certain your boots fit snuggly and that we wear socks. If we devise to be hiking in a soppy area, safeguard your boots are H2O resistant, as dampness can raise a odds of blisters. (Bring a change of socks, too.) As shortly as we feel a unpleasant spot, stop and request some jaunty fasten or moleskin. To provide a damaged blister, purify it with soap and water, and request some antibiotic salve and a Band-Aid. Intact blisters should be left alone, when possible, as removal them increases a risk of infection. You’ll be good as new in time for subsequent weekend’s hike.

Bug bites

Prepare for a insects that we are expected to confront by wearing prolonged sleeves and prolonged pants. If we will be walking in high grass, especially, or going off a trail, we competence wish to mist your garments with permethrin and let them dry before wearing them hiking. This defends opposite ticks and tick-borne illnesses. For other bugs, use your favorite of a many accessible bug repellents available. Products containing Deet seem to be some-more effective.

Immediately after removing off a trail, try regulating a gummy lint drum to get ticks off of your clothes. And once we get home, do a consummate parasite check and showering to rinse divided any ticks. Even with all of these surety measures, it is still good to know a signs and symptoms of tick-borne illnesses—sometimes a rash, fever, headache, corner pain, and flesh aches or soreness—and see a health caring provider right divided if these symptoms arise.

Poison ivy and other unwholesome plants

If we stay on timeless trails, we are reduction expected to hit plants that means unpleasant and vitriolic skin rashes. Also, a same prolonged sleeves and pants we are wearing to strengthen opposite insects also strengthen from a unwholesome plants we competence encounter.

If we ever go off a trail, it is best to learn to brand and equivocate these plants. The website has good illustrated articles for identifying a many common skin irritants: poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. If we do have an encounter, we will expected start feeling symptoms anywhere from several hours to a few days after. As shortly as hit is identified, rinse entirely with soap and H2O and equivocate touching your eyes. You can use over-the-counter anti-itch remedies for tiny areas, that competence assistance we keep from scratching a raw area and causing additional skin repairs or infection. Avoid products containing lidocaine.

Twisted Ankle

Good wise boots with a step and ankle insurance and being aware on a route competence assistance we revoke a risk of rambling your ankle, though some rambling injuries are simply unavoidable. Be generally clever on disproportionate and sleazy surfaces. And if we are fluid on your feet, consider about hiking with a walking stick, poles, or some other stabilizer.

For teenager injuries, like a low class sprain, we competence be means to “walk it off.” If it is some-more severe, take a seat, rouse a injury, and rest for a bit. If a damage is too unpleasant to bear weight, this is when we use a entirely charged dungeon phone we brought along to call for additional help. Hiking on a damaged ankle can boost your risk for complications and need for surgery.


If we follow a recommendation given in this essay so distant — generally precautions opposite rambling and insects—you will be flattering good stable opposite scrapes, that occur many mostly on unclothed skin as a outcome of a fall. If we do get a scrape, rinse and dry it once we are off a trail, request antibiotic ointment, and guard it for infection.


With a thick tree cover in New England’s famous deciduous forests, we competence consider that we are giveaway from a risk of sunburn. Not so. Many trails have prolonged grassy meadows or unclothed peaks, which—however beautiful—leave we exposed to sunburn. Wear object protecting wardrobe or sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or aloft to strengthen yourself from sunburn. Sunburns competence seem like an inconvenience, though even light browns over a march of time can boost your risk of building skin cancer.

For some-more information about hiking safely, we suggest Hiking: a Merit Badge Series or A Woman’s Guide to a Wild. For trails in a area, revisit or Here’s to many injury-free hikes this summer in Bennington and beyond.

— Adam Cohen, MD, is a medical executive of Emergency Medicine during Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. “Health Matters” is a mainstay meant to teach readers about their personal health, open health matters, and open process as it affects health care. For some-more stories like this one, revisit


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