Derek Gentile: Cargo pants bail me out of trouble

July 8, 2017 - Hiking Pants

GREAT BARRINGTON — we was recently during a semiformal event, that meant we wore my fit coat, a good shirt and tie, and my load pants.

Most people who know me know since we wear load pants, yet there are times when we get these stares, as in, “Dude, good tie, yet we demeanour like Indiana Jones from a waist down.”

Ah, yet there’s a process to this.

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Those who review me on a unchanging basement know we mislaid my right leg. No, not in a label game, as we infrequently tell people, yet since it was putrescent as a outcome of my diabetes.

The earthy therapists during a BMC Medical Arts Complex did an superb pursuit removing me behind into a genuine world. There were things we had to find out by myself, though.

Like a fact that a rubber “sleeve” that connects a finish of my amputated leg to my prosthetic leg will eventually wear out. Now, we was told that this would start and that I’d have to eventually get a replacement. But we consider something like this needs to be emphasized.

Why? Well, listen up.

It was about 4 years ago. The whole “fake leg” thing had been operative flattering well. we was pushing and hiking and even personification a small basketball. Things were going well.

One morning, we was pushing on Route 295 in Canaan, N.Y. The sleeve felt a small lax on my leg. we didn’t know what that meant, yet we was about to find out.

As we went to change my prosthetic leg from a gas to a brake, a sleeve popped off.

In other words, my feign leg was still on a gas pedal.

It’s formidable to report how shocked we was since during that indicate we didn’t indeed know what had happened. we arrange of knew, yet geez, we never suspicion something like this would occur. So we slammed on a stop with my other feet and stopped a car. Fortunately, no other cars were around. we pulled off a highway and flicked on a jeopardy lights.

The subsequent problem was obvious. we had to, first, see what happened, and second, see if it was fixable.

So we had to take off my pants. On Route 295. In extended daylight.

And we did. So there we was, sitting in my boxers on a hood of my car, on a side of a road, refitting a feign partial of a leg to a genuine part. It was mostly a doubt of refitting a rubber sleeve to be some-more secure. But yes, cars went by.

Fortunately, no military cruisers came by. Sitting on my automobile on a side of a highway in my underwear had to be some kind of violation.

So in a end, it incited out OK. But as we was driving, we was thinking: If this happens again, say, in winter, do we wish to doff my trousers again? Is there a smarter approach to do this?

Hence a load pants, that unzip during a thigh.

we had another thought. Maybe we should write a book about these peculiar things that start to me. Something like “Adventures in One-Leggedness.” There are other people with blank legs. Maybe something like that would assistance them. At a really least, it would forestall all these one-legged people from doffing their pants on a side of a road.

So if any of we have any thoughts, let me know. My email is

Eagle staff author Derek Gentile’s mainstay appears Thursdays. You also can strech him during during 413-629-4621.


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