Betternooga: Three non-food trucks Chattanooga needs now

April 30, 2015 - Hiking Pants

This past Sunday, a good life returned to Chattanooga, differently famous as a opening weekend of Chattanooga Market. This time, my kids and we beheld a new serve to a businessman mix. Olive + Estelle has been trucking by Choo Choo-ville given December, yet this was a initial time we beheld this stylish retailer-on-wheels during a market.

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This businessman lorry is some-more than usually a mobile closet, though, dear readers. It is a adore child of IKEA and Anthropologie on a highway trip. People, it has an honest-to-goodness disco round inside. Owner Heather Frazer is doing large things by bringing a singular wardrobe to a people. Needless to say, her business indication got me meditative about a intensity for other mobile vendors of this ilk.

Chattanooga’s got her share of food businessman trucks, from Grilled Cheese Emergency to Tikiz Shaved Ice Ice Cream, and they pleasure us with their potency and economy and—most of all—accessibility. What if there were other non-food vendors who granted a needs as straightforwardly (and appealed to a idle bone)?

Here are 3 non-food trucks Chattanooga needs now.

Dry cleaning truck
Evidently, a stretch between my home and a dry cleaner is 23,000 miles since we can usually revisit a dry cleaner semiannually, such is a aria this outing puts on me. Why contingency we always wait until a really final notation when we indispensable something dry spotless or tailored yesterday, and afterwards because contingency we compensate additional for rush service? Why can we not learn my lesson? Or, further, because can’t there be a tailor/dry cleaner businessman lorry that visits my workplace once a week, picks adult my dry cleanables and offers a discerning pants-hemming array stop? That’d be living!

Book-borrow truck
We can call it a Wheelbary. Or a Book Fairy. Or some other impossibly crafty name that implies tomes on a truck. Much like McKay’s Used Books and CDs, we can buy or sell new or used from a lorry that conveniently visits places where we usually need a book, like a parking lot of a dentist’s bureau or a Department of Motor Vehicles. The Book Fairy creates some income and unloads some dry inventory. You get to review Mark Twain instead of trolling Tinder while we wait for a tiny perpetuity for your series to be called. Everybody wins. (Note: If we launch a trucks by one of these names, we call dibs on 60 percent of profits.)

Barber on a go
You find yourself incompetent to see by a complicated shade of bangs that are now past your nose and you’ve got an talk on Friday. Usual beautician is requisitioned solid. You go on Twitter to see where a Street Salon, AKA a coiffeur on a go, is parked today. Maybe you’re not going to get a full-service conduct massage/architectural cut/balayage dye, yet you’ll get in and out and leave well-coiffed—and still have a few bucks in your wallet. This travel snipper judgment works good for barbers and cosmetologists who like to make their possess hours and who like a change of view each day.

What contend you, Chattanooga? What businessman trucks do we dream about profitable a revisit to your locale?

Kendra Stanton Lee is a transplant to Chattanooga around Boston. She teaches broadcasting to university students and enjoys holding their millennial courtesy spans by jumping on tables and unconditional around like a whirling dervish. She lives with her father and their immature children, with whom she enjoys hiking, highway tripping and ancillary a ice cream industry. She blogs during and welcomes a Twitter follow @kendraspondence; or we can email her directly during The opinions voiced in this mainstay go only to a author, not or the employees.


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