An Insider’s Guide to Provence’s Best Hiking, Spas, and Healthy Cafés

July 10, 2017 - Hiking Pants

Frédéric Fekkai’s beginnings in Aix-en-Provence took a backseat for most of his whirlwind life as a sought-after New York hairstylist, an editorial career after buffeted by namesake salons and a sepulchral product range. But as a Frenchman explained in a May emanate of Vogue, his core of sobriety shifted several years ago during a revisit to his internal Provence, when he and his wife, Shirin von Wulffen, fell for an disproportionate nation manor, famous as a bastide. With a renovations came new roots—and a new business. After appropriation a longstanding Aixois beauty association and reimagining it for present, they launched Bastide, a new bath-and-body line, progressing this year. The recipes for a chicly finished bar soaps and palm creams pull on informal ingredients, such as fig, honey, and olive oil. Floral records in a perfumes come from circuitously Grasse. “I adore a Neroli Lumière incense since it usually smells like fever to me,” says Von Wulffen, who should know: She and her father transport a splendid Provençal trails 3 mornings a week, a plein-air turn on unchanging sessions during a gym.

That easy clarity of wellbeing comes with a territory. “What we adore about Aix is that health is not a trend, though rather something that we can feel has been upheld down over generations,” says Von Wulffen, who shares a couple’s favorite beauty and wellness destinations with Vogue. Eating according to a seasons is a given “because all comes possibly from a garden or a market,” she explains, observant that a French reverently provide their dishes as sit-down affairs. And in contrariety to a precisionist propagandize of wellness, a Aix approach is all about moderation. “An afternoon sieste, for example, balances out a early morning hike, usually as a potion of rosé brings delight and decrease to an organic cooking among friends,” says Von Wulffen. Even her beauty slight skews less-is-more—aside from her ever-present sunscreen, customarily by Chantecaille or Soleil Toujours.

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Here, Von Wulffen unpacks their go-to healthy spots in Provence, where path cafés are increasingly rubbing adult opposite tonic bars; a Juice Lab outpost usually non-stop subsequent doorway to a new Bastide flagship. Athleisure might be a ways off (“Aix is an elegant, understated town, so we do not see too many yoga pants around”), though change is still afoot. “Recently we found a new yoga instructor by Instagram, that would not have happened a year ago,” Von Wulffen says. “You unequivocally see that amicable media has energized a town.”

Hiking in Provence
“The multiple of earthy practice and mental decrease is intoxicating. We unequivocally go out early before a object gets too high and always wear sunscreen. Sometimes we move a kids [Cecilia, 8, and Philip, 5] for a cruise or usually to smell a smashing furious herbs. We customarily leave from a community Saint Antonin and transport a limestone towering ridge, Montagne Sainte-Victoire; a towering was also a source of impulse for Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, and Wassily Kandinsky.”

Fresh-Pressed Juice
Juice Lab has a wake-up extract that is a good post-workout morning drink, and we mostly squeeze one on a approach to work. The avocado toast is also a favorite for a discerning bite. We adore how they change their charity according to that vegetables are available. During a new feverishness wave, they dropped some of their divert juices to make certain all was ideally fresh.”
14 Rue Nazareth, Aix-en-Provence

Essential-Oil Treatments
Valerie Holozet is a internal esthetician who uses a mix of essential and [plant-based] oils; she comes to a home, where she creatively mixes each part after study your skin. Her facials are unequivocally opposite from a ones in New York: She is always romancing a skin, never aggressively fighting it. We adore a Valerie revisit after a prolonged flight, and we like to warn friends who transport in with this treat.”

Farm-to-Table Meals
“Chez Fanny is a little grill with no some-more than 10 tables. Fanny cooks usually organic products accessible from a marketplace in Provence. A favorite is a salade du marché: immature beans, sliced artichoke hearts, and tri-color tomatoes with a internal goat cheese on grilled workman bread. The French always take time to lay down for lunch; we never see anyone eating on a run. The parking meters do not change during a lunch hours.”
11 Rue Chastel, Aix-en-Provence

Outdoor Art Installations
“We suggest Château La Coste privately for a fantastic art and architecture. It’s extraordinary to arrive in a center of a vineyard and to see a Louise Bourgeois Spider floating above a gigantic, neat dish of a Tadao Ando accepting center—and afterwards a Andy Goldsworthy nest, a Jean Prouvé houses, etc. It also hosts dual world-class restaurants—Louison, by cook Gerard Passedat, and another by a famous Argentinian cook Francis Mallmann—along with a spa.”

Rosé during Sunset
“I trust beauty comes with a pleasure of life! You contingency take time to season a treasures of a terroir. That means sipping a potion of booze during sunset, revelation stories, laughing, and tuning into a senses. Happiness is unequivocally a tip part to health and wellness, and we always have lustful memories of pity rosé with friends. It tastes best outdoors, and is casual, easy, and light. You can’t be too critical or unbending with a potion of rosé in your hand!”

Relaxing Baths
“I adore holding baths here to unequivocally relax and detox—it creates a impulse of negligence down in a chaotic routines. Our bath salts are from a Camargue segment of Provence, and a Huile d’Aix bath oil with orange freshness is balmy and calming. About 3 times a week, after a good run, swim, or tennis game, we suffer holding a prohibited bath infused with Bastide salts, and afterwards switch to increasingly icy H2O in an antique tin tub. It’s a glorious flesh relaxer and anti-inflammatory.”


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