Alleged armed attack during UC Davis’ Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve

April 1, 2016 - Hiking Pants


Two hikers forced off route by think brandishing handgun

Two women fell plant to an purported crime while hiking on Saturday, Mar 26 during UC Davis’ Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve in a unincorporated Solano County, circuitously Lake Berryessa.

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The women, aged 18 and 59, set out for a travel around 3 p.m. At some indicate during a hike, a male approached a victims and suggested a handgun. The think forced a dual women off a trail and into a some-more isolated area.

At gunpoint, a think allegedly assaulted one of a women and systematic them to give him their money. He afterwards proceeded to rush on feet in an different direction.

The women described a think as a Hispanic or Latino male in his mid-20’s, approximately 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-6 with brief black hair and presumably a light mustache. He spoke damaged English with a complicated accent. He was seen wearing a burgundy shirt, black pants and grey and white tennis boots during a time of a purported attack.

Solano County Sheriff’s deputies are questioning a box and have reason to trust that a male might live in a circuitously area; they counsel all hikers to always be wakeful of their vicinity and to travel in groups.

Anyone with information per this persisting review is speedy to hit Detective Hendrix of a Solano County Sheriff’s Office during (707) 784-7058. Any callers wishing to sojourn unknown are urged to call Crime Stoppers during (707) 644-7867.

The haven stays sealed to unapproved crew due to wildlife refuge and reserve concerns postulated final July. The trails and wildlife encountered extreme indemnification by a Wragg Fire though is approaching to free someday this May.



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