Acres of Sunflowers Expected to Bloom Off River Road in Poolesville Later This Month

July 5, 2017 - Hiking Pants

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Looking for a splendid spot?

Grab your camera and conduct to McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area off River Road in Montgomery County after this month. That’s where 30 acres of sunflowers have been planted in 9 opposite fields, and they are approaching to freshness in only a integrate of weeks.

“The sunflowers should be in full freshness in approximately dual weeks,” Candice Collison said. Collison is a biologist for a Wildlife and Heritage Service during a Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

“We are awaiting they could be noticed a weekend of Jul 15 -16,” she said, “but a best weekend to devise forward for would be Jul 22-23.”

To assistance we find a fields, a Maryland Department of Natural Resources has posted a map of a Poolesville fields, here.  The largest margin is located right off River Road with adjacent parking.

Over a years, a sunflower fields have turn a popular mark in a summer for photographers and inlet lovers.

“People come from miles divided and devise vacations good in allege to try and locate a view,” Collison said. “You can frequently see a fields full of pledge and veteran photographers along with painters.”

The sunflowers are planted by DNR staff, and this year’s acreage and locations are identical to prior years.

“The sunflower fields are planted as a food source for wildlife, essentially Mourning Doves,” Collison said. “The McKee-Beshers WMA is a open sport skill and a state of Maryland has a sport deteriorate on Mourning Doves that opens Sept. 1st each year.”

According to Collison, a engorgement of insects, birds and mammals advantage from a flowers and a seeds that a sunflowers produce.

So what else should we know?

“Visitors need to keep in mind that this skill is a Wildlife Management Area and not a park,” Collison said. “What this means is there are no open bathrooms, no rubbish cans, no cruise tables or shelters, and there is a intensity for bearing to poison ivy, mosquitoes and ticks. we suggest prolonged pants and hiking shoes.”

It’s also opposite WMA regulations to mislay any plant from a property.

“We strongly ask that people greatfully do not collect a sunflowers,” Collison said.

In box we are wondering, a sunflowers are typically in full freshness for dual weeks.



Sunflower Fields Draw Nature Lovers to Poolesville (VIDEO PHOTOS)


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