$12.5M Village Condo Is Blessed With Stained Glass Windows

September 22, 2015 - Hiking Pants

Located in a former church that dates to 1860, this duplex penthouse is a “rare, overwhelming and thespian residential experience,” according to the brokerbabble, and for former dweller Jude Law, it was definitely, uh, some kind of experience. You see, this beautiful, stained glass-boasting, 500-square-foot terrace-equipped condo is located in a Novare during 135 West 4th Street, directly beside a New York University freshmen dorm, and if we are an A-list actor, they will watch we and scream during you each time we use your spacious, landscaped patio (Law’s reaction? To chuck oranges during a students, naturally). Clearly, 700 new New Yorkers might not be a best neighbors, though a condo does have a perks: Venetian smear walls, Brazilian walnut floors, a library, 3 bedrooms, 20-foot ceilings in a vital room, a chrome and potion staircase, and a aforementioned stained glass, that is strange to a church building. It sold in 2009 for $6.3 million, and it’s now on a marketplace for $12.495 million (h/t 6sqft).

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